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What is it?

KScannerButtons is a daemon plus a KDE application for monitoring your scanner buttons:

It's composed of a daemon (sanebuttond) and a frontend that will display an icon in the systray and a dialog box to configure and launch the daemon, KScannerButtons.kmdr (see screenshots below)

The daemon may be used outside of the KDE environment (I should release it separately).

Supported Scanners

KScannerButtons being based on the button monitoring capabilities found in some SANE backends, it may work if your SANE backend has buttons support. It has been developped with the avision backend, and a HP 5300C scanner. I read on some mailing lists that the fujitsu backend may also support buttons monitoring (but never tested).

Please report if your scanner is working!

Reported working scanners

Backend Scanners Comments
avision - Model: Buttons, LED x-y means the user can select a numeric profile
- HP 5300C: SCAN, PRINT, EMAIL, FAX [tested - primary development device]
- Avision AV121: SCAN, CANCEL, LED 0-9 [tested]
- Avision AV122: SCAN, CANCEL, LED 0-9 [tested]
- Avision AV210: SCAN, CANCEL [tested]
- Avision AV220: SCAN, CANCEL, LED 0-9 [tested]
- Avision AV220C2: SCAN, CANCEL, LED 0-9 [tested]
- Avision AV610: EMail, COPY, SCAN [tested]
- Avision AV610C2: SCAN, CANCEL, LED 0-9 [tested]
- Avision AV8000: SCAN [tested]
- Avision AV38xx [tested]
- Avision AV83xx [tested]
- Xerox DM152: Simplex, Duplex, LED 0-9 [tested]
All other Xerox, Visioneer, Kodak and Fujitsu models as the equivalent Avision models, except Xerox, Visioneer usually have Simplex and Duplex buttons (instead Scan and Cancel). See this link for a complete list.
- HP7400: should work but needs testing

Any scanner supported by the avision backend should work.

Note: the [Cancel] button is not functional yet.

hp3900 - HP Scanjet G3010 (4 buttons) [tested]
- HP Scanjet 3800 (3 buttons) [tested]
- HP Scanjet 3970 (4 buttons) [tested]
- HP Scanjet 4070 (4 buttons) [tested]
- HP Scanjet 4370 (4 buttons) [tested]
- Umax Astra 4900 (4 buttons)
- Umax Astra 4950 (4 buttons)
Any scanner supported by the hp3900 backend should work.
plustek - Canon N67OU/LIDE20 [tested]
- Canon LIDE25 [tested]
Any scanner supported by the plustek backend should work.

If searching for "button" in the SANE sources, the following backends appear to have some button support: agfafocus, apple, artec_eplus48u, bh, canon_pp, epson, fujitsu, fujitsu-scsi, gphoto2, hp, hp4200_lm9830, hp-handle, hp-option, hp-scl, microtek2, mustek, sm3840_lib, snapscan, tamarack, u12, u12-hw, u12-io, umax, umax1220u.
However it has never been tested with KScannerButtons. Testers are welcome! Please check the README file for test instructions.




the systray with KScannerButtons
the systray with KScannerButtons

the main window in action
the main window in action

you can define your own actions
you can define your own actions, or use (and tune) predefined ones.

Note: if your default actions are broken, edit the file ~/.kde/share/config/kommanderrc and remove the /usr/local/bin/KScannerButtons.kmdr section. Restart KScannerButtons. (this will remove any parameters and custom actions you entered).

TODO list


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